Automatic Electronic Tourniquet Single Cuff : TRDG 501

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Fully Automatic micro controller based system
Tourniquet is battery operated, hence portable
Built in battery charging circuit for immediate charging
Cuff pressure is maintained to set value automatically
Online cuff pressure and time settings can be altered
Sophisticated time based alarms to give warning messages
Elapsed time display in min : sec fashion
Last settings memory after power is turned off
Unit is compact, light weight Elegant, soft keypad to dial the settings at ease
Specially designed soft, armored type cuffs to protect from accidental piercing by sharp objects
Coiled, expandable and puncture resistant PU tubing
Extra long Velcro fastening provided to cuffs along with side ties
Strong and sturdy carrying case for whole Tourniquet system
Cuff Pressure : 20 to 500 mmHg
Start Delay : 0 to 120 minutes
Duration : 0 to 250 minutes
Inflation : Motorised pump
Deflation : EMV Automatic or Manual override
Pressure Resolution : 2 mm of Hg
Accuracy : + or – 3 mm of Hg (set pressure)
Display : 16 x 2 Backlit LCD display
Operation Method : Micro controller based control
Elapsed Time Display : minutes : seconds
Power : 6 volts DC battery (built in charger)
Alarms : Pressure leakage/auto deflate/Elapsed time
Tourniquet Cuff Types : Soft, armored cuffs
Modified leg 8.5 x 76 cm
Standard arm 7 x 35 cm
Child 5 x 30cm
Weight : 1.5 Kg approx.
Dimensions : 165(w) x 75(h) x 140(d) mm